Super Solstice 2016

Heartfelt thanks to all who took part in last night’s Peace Ceremony at Tara. Special thanks to Annette Peard for opening the Circle. It was beautiful to have that conducted in Irish as well as English, so very important. Special thanks also to Brigid-Ann Marigold Pinky McGuire and Puranshant Kaur for gonging with Celtic School of Sound Healing, thank you for your help which was gratefully appreciated and beautifully enhanced the surround sound of the Gong Bath. Special thanks to Sacred Sound Studio Northern Ireland, Andrea Nelson and Jillie for travelling to be with us at Tara. Andrea led the prayer for Peace. Special thanks to Oneness Sound Brenda and Paddy who stepped in to help with drums and over body work which I sprang on them, and to which they graciously rose to serve when we were a few Gongsters down this year in the absence of Kings of the Wind and SoundHenge Ireland – Gong Baths & Sound Meditations who were missed. Special thanks to Rishi Nad who also gonged and did over the body work, very nurturing to those who were enjoying the sacred sound experience. Special thanks to Fuinneamh Drum for bringing their Community Drum which was a wonderful addition to the event. We hope ye will come back and join us again next year. Special thanks to Sailbh Foraoisí Ró Naofa who also did some wonderful work with over the body sounds, for his powerful sageing and space holding, and his incredibly skilled stewardship of our unexpected visitor right at the end, very well done 😉 Special thanks to those who helped carry and assemble the instruments including Lesley Felicia Foxtrot McKeever Jules Ireland, John Farrelly and Mo. Hopefully I covered everyone there but if not please message me as ye deserve to be thanked for such a special night 🙂

Thank you Universe for bringing wonderful people together in such a special and sacred space to send out peace and healing along the powerful energy lines of the Banqueting Hall at Tara, out to our world that needs it.