Safe World Ireland Summit

Highly honoured to have been asked to be a part of the closing ceremony at the Safe Ireland Summit in Dublin where over 400 people attended to highlight the plight of victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, child abuse, abuse of all kinds. We heard harrowing and inspiring survivor testimonies, discussions on how to change laws, media reporting, finding ways forward so that we can all live in a safer world. It was excellently organised and a huge credit to the people behind it. Time was given between presentations for calming visualisations, breathing, movement and even a healing room provided off side for anyone who needed to take time out or receive a treatment. Many in the audience were survivors themselves, but even if you never endured such harrowing experiences you couldnt fail to be touched by the stories shared by men and women who did endure and now stand as courageous advocates for healing and change. It was awe inspiring and it was powerful. I am so happy that the spiritual aspect was so beautifully included in this summit and made it unique. It is so vital in the process of healing our wounds, until one day our wounds become our strengths. Thank you with all my heart