Loughcrew, also known as Sliabh na Caillighe or Hill of the Witch, is located south east of Oldcastle, Co Meath. This megalithic complex is approximately 5000 years old and includes up to 30 mounds and cairns which can be found on the hills of Patrickstown, Carnbane East and Carnbane West.

The largest of the cairns, Cairn T on Carnbane East (in this video), is approximately 120 ft in diameter and has a cruciform layout consisting of a large central chamber and three side recesses. It is astronomically aligned with the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes when the sun shines in along the entrance passage to illuminate the back stone. The ancient petroglyphs found here are among the finest in the country displaying an array of images such as lozenges, leaf shapes, circles, cup marks and wheels and other images that have been interpreted as being depictions of the solar and lunar cycles.

It is an incredible site to visit and well worth the effort of the steep climb. It was a great privilege to connect with the Ancestors there and to leave a gift of sound from the crystal bowls. The experience of playing them on the Hag’s chair was particularly interesting. The vibrations through the stone were very strong and the sound really expanded outwards, far more so than in the central chamber within the tomb/temple. It was quite a powerful experience indeed