High Magic and Universal Laws

Mystical and Healing Uses of the Rose

1 of 4 workshops on High Magic and Universal Laws.

You are warmly invited to attend this foundational two day class given by special guest Teacher Joseph Holzer http://www.spiritual-arts-academy.com/mystical-healing-uses-of/

The Rose as a mystical symbol dates back at least to the time of ancient Egypt. It can be used as an effective tool in performing many functions. In the higher planes, we may access the Knowledge of the Rose through the Pyramid of the Rose. Such a connection will better enable us to use the Rose tool.

Workshop Content:

*Initiation to the Pyramid of the Rose

*Initiation into Foundation School

*Uses of the Rose for grounding, protection, energy cleaning, space clearing, completing karma, truth, manifestation.


*Ki breathing and movement exercises

*Law of Synchronicity Rose

*Releasing Programming and Lies in One’s Space
Programming and lies in once space may block an individual from clearly seeing and experiencing what is his or her own truth and path. The individual is then more likely to follow what another desires and not act in his or her own benefit. We shall work with the Angels of High Magic and the Lords of Karma to set up and perform a ritual healing on this issue and release whatever lies and programming that can now be released.

*Golden Sun Replenishment

*Closing Prayer

The workshop will run from 10am – 7.00 pm each day.

Cost €175

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Really looking forward to Joseph’s classes and to sharing this exciting journey with you 🙂 xxx C