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Kundalini Reiki Practitioner & Teacher Certification

June 17, 2018 @ 11:00 am - 5:30 pm

  • Course

    Kundalini Reiki Practitioner & Teacher Certification
  • When

    Sun 17th June, 2018
    11am to 5.30pm

  • Where

    85 Boroimhe Beech, Swords, County Dublin

  • Host

    Carmel Diviney

  • Cost

    €120 includes Emanual and a Sound Bath to finish to integrate the energies. Lie back and relax as you absorb the powerful timbre of the sacred gong current, crystal and Himalyan singing bowls, chimes, drum and harp.

  • Deposit


  • Deposit Policy

    Workshops and training courses book out fast and, due to space limitations, deposits are essential to guarantee your place. Deposits are non-refundable except in the case of cancellation by the host. Should you cancel your attendance, your deposit is forfeit unless your place can be filled by someone else.

  • Refreshments

    Tea, coffee and light refreshments included

  • Certification

    Awarded on completion of Workbook and Case Studies

  • Contact

    Carmel Diviney at carmeldiviney1@gmail.com.

Kundalini Reiki Practitioner & Teacher Certification

Early Bird if booked by 1st June €20.00 off. This workshop includes Sacred Sound experience using sacred frequencies to integrate the new energies plus free admission to Reiki Share evening on Fri 22nd June 7-9pm thus offering integration in person of the Level 3 booster attunements which are normally given at a distance. The Share evening also includes the practice of Kundalini Yoga and chant plus shared healing techniques and treatments. This gives the student added opportunity for follow up questions and technique refinement.

Practitioner and Teacher Certification Levels 1-3 inclusive:

KUNDALINI REIKI is a simple yet powerful transformational healing modality and a very safe way to begin awakening the Kundalini energy. It is a synergy of Universal and Earth energies connecting to higher consciousness and healing.

This system simplifies healing and is a very powerful energy which requires no symbols. The healings are very short, usually 3-5 minutes and can be combined with any other healing modality/treatment. There is no prerequisite training required.

We begin the workshop with Kundalini Yoga -postures and chant, bringing the body and mind to stillness and inner connection.

This workshop includes a Sacred Sound Immersion using sacred frequencies to finish to integrate the energies. Lie back and relax as you absorb the powerful timbre of the sacred gong current, Crystal and Himalyan singing bowls, chimes, drum etc.

Level 1 -3 Attunements will be covered during the day.
Level 3 boosters will be given at a special Kundalini Reiki Share evening one week later or can be done as a follow-up distance course for anyone who cant attend in person. All inclusive in course fee.

Kundalini Reiki Level 1:

In the Kundalini Reiki level 1 level, all of the knots and blocks in the chakras are removed (except for the Root Chakra). The main energy channel, from the Crown Chakra to the Root Chakra is cleansed and prepared for the Kundalini awakening that you will experience in Kundalini Reiki level 2. The Heart Chakra becomes enlarged and the energy channels from the hands to the Crown Chakra are opened so that the Reiki energy can flow.

You will learn how to:

perform in-person and distant healings,
energetically cleanse a room or house,
heal Karmic bands, and
situation and qualities healing (send healing energy to any situation or personal quality such as anxiety)

Kundalini Reiki Level 2:

Kundalini Reiki level 2 strengthens the previous attunement of Kundalini Reiki I as well as opening the Root Chakra and enlarging the third eye. The Kundalini is awakened and the main energy channel opens gently and surely, lighting the ‘Kundalini fire’. The Kundalini reaches the Solar Plexus Chakra, preparing for the full Kundalini rising in Kundalini Reiki level 3.

You will learn how to:

use Kundalini energy in your healings, and
the Kundalini Reiki Meditation, which helps in the rising and cleansing process.

Kundalini Reiki Level 3:

This is the Kundalini Reiki Master / Teacher level. The previous attunements are strengthened and the Throat, Solar Plexus, Hara (the area just below the navel) and Root Chakras are opened wider. The ‘Kundalini fire’ is strengthened and reaches up and out of the Crown Chakra allowing for a full rising of the Kundalini to safely take place when the student is ready.

You are taught to attune others, crystals, and other objects so that they can act as Reiki channels.

Booster attunements, Level 3: Crystalline Reiki, Diamond Reiki, DNA Reiki, Birth Trauma Reiki, Location Reiki, Past Life Reiki and Balance.

Diamond Reiki
A strong energy that enlightens and heals as long as there are no underlying unresolved problems.

Crystalline Reiki
All over the body, we have small deposits of certain crystals. These are exit points for the traumas we have experienced through life. Every time we put off or postpone dealing with a trauma, a crystal forms. A trauma can be anything from a broken arm, a sprain, sorrow etc. This Reiki will effectively remove these deposits.

DNA Reiki
DNA Reiki strengthens the ability to heal DNA strands (our blueprint), which could help heal and support negative inherited genetics and diseases.

Birth Trauma Reiki
The most severe trauma is usually the process of being born. This energy allows the gentlest release from this trauma.

Location Reiki
Just as there are karmic bonds and ties between people, there are also bands and ties between places, and even the Earth. This Reiki helps heal these connections.

Past Life Reiki
This Reiki is used to heal the blockages from your earlier life or lives. Karmic bond release.

Balance All
This is an exercise that allows you to effectively, via a specific hand position, balance all the energy systems and chakras in the body.

There is a lot of scope for putting together different treatments or a course of treatments utilising these different forms of Reiki eg alongside Colour Therapy, Massage, Crystal Healing etc.

Practitioner and Teacher Certification.
E Manual to the system provided..

Cost €120.00
Deposit €50.00 to secure place

Course Availability & Registration

To check availability or register for this course, please contact Carmel Diviney at carmeldiviney1@gmail.com


Kundalini Reiki Practitioner & Teacher Certification runs periodically. Dates are confirmed firstly on facebook and twitter so please like and follow us there. You can also join our mailing list to receive news of courses and events by emailing Carmel Diviney at carmeldiviney1@gmail.com and asking to be added to the mailing list.


Karen Myles
Thank you so much for the weekend, the course was everything I had been looking for and more. Your knowledge was exceptional and I felt completely at home from the moment I arrived, so thank you for doing all that you could to help us get the most out of the weekend, it's truly appreciated. 
Treasa Ní Rian
Carmel once again...thank you so much for your endless knowledge and fantastic teaching and facilitation on level two of the class. Mindblown. You're the best  teacher by far that I know of and the ancient Irish approach is exactly what we need in this country. 
Julie Lambe
Carmel, I just wanted to send a huge thank you for the wonderful work you do. The sound healing workshop I attended was truly powerful and magical. You are a very gifted healer and teacher. I would highly recommend you and look forward to doing more of your courses and meditations.


June 17, 2018
11:00 am - 5:30 pm
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Celtic School of Sound Healing
85 Boroimhe Beech, Swords
Co. Dublin, Ireland
(0)87 6100771


Carmel Diviney