Dolmen Drumming

Aideen’s Dolmen in Howth marks the spot where Aideen, wife of Fionn Mac Cumhaill’s grandson Oscar, heard of her husbands death at the Battle of Gabhra in the Tara Valley 284 AD. That was to be the final battle and the demise of the legendary Fianna Warriors. Aideen died of grief at this place and the dolmen was erected in her honour.


A clear pure air pervades the scene, 
In loneliness and awe secure; 
Meet spot to sepulchre a Queen 
Who in her life was pure. 
Here, far from camp and chase removed, 
Apart in Nature’s quiet room, 
The music that alive she loved 
Shall cheer her in the tomb.
The humming of the noontide bees, 
The lark’s loud carol all day long, 
And, borne on evening’s salted breeze, 
The clanking sea bird’s song 
Shall round her airy chamber float, 
And with the whispering winds and streams 
Attune to Nature’s tenderest note 
The tenor of her dreams.

(By Sir Samuel Ferguson)

I created this shamanic drumming video at Aideen’s Dolmen with the assistance of the lovely Elena Danaan.  This has long been a favourite place of mine.